Friday, 20 November 2020

Designing Technologies for Playful Interspecies Communication - ACI 2020 workshop

Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, Heli Väätäjä and I ran a workshop at this year's Animal-Computer Interaction conference - focusing on the ethics associated with designing tech to facilitate playful communication between different species.

 Workshop zooming 

We used Miro to facilitate collaboration during creative exercises, and for annotating discussion points in real time.  We plan to co-write a paper that follows up the workshop, to share outputs with the wider community.

Miro screenshot

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Animals in Computing article

I did a short interview with Ilyena Hirsky-Douglas and Admela Jukan for the Animals in Computing blog, describing some of our work with elephants: Building Interactive Enrichment for Elephants.

Here's the post:


Saturday, 12 September 2020

Taiwanese article and interview

Lian Tsai from TIEDA (Taiwan Interactive and Experiential Design Association)  has written a couple of articles about our work with elephants - "Let the interactive design speak for the animals in captivity" - 

 The web link is here:




Sunday, 26 July 2020

ACC Summer School

The First International Summer School on Animal-Centred Computing is taking place this week, and I've been fascinated by the talks I've seen so far - Robert Young on animal behaviour and cognition, Oren Forkosh on complex systems and group interactivity, Daniel Metcalfe on multispecies design, Orit Hirsch-Matsioulas with an anthropological perspective on canine-human relationships, Anna Zamansky, Daphna Golan-Shemmesh and Tsippy Lotan telling us about therapy dogs...  

Clara Mancini gave a talk on Animal-Computer Interaction, while ACI colleagues Sarah Webber, Michelle Westerlaken, Patricia Pons and Ilyena Hirsky-Douglas all gave short talks about their work.  

There were also some great practical workshop sessions from Aleksandr Sinitca, showing how to use Python for video data analysis.  I still have some catching up to do, viewing other amazing talks that I missed - it was an incredibly rich and interesting week.

Thanks and credit to Anna Zamansky for being an awesome online host and managing so many sessions!


Wednesday, 6 May 2020

More than Human Aesthetics: Interactive Enrichment for Elephants

Our paper "More than Human Aesthetics: Interactive Enrichment for Elephants" has been given an Honorable Mention and a Diversity and Inclusion Award at this year's DIS (Designing Interactive Systems 2020) conference!  The theme for DIS 2020 is "More than Human-Centred Design", which is a perfect match for much ACI work.
The conference was due to be held in Eindhoven July 6-10, but will now be digital.